Workflow: Update Owner

Use this action to update the owner of an active Workflow instance.

Use Case

The Workflow: Update Owner action changes the owner of the current instance of the Workflow. For example, a Workflow that is assigned to different departments may start with one owner, but change to a departmental owner once the department is selected; the owner would change mid-process.

How to configure this action

For instances started manually by a user, that user is the owner of that instance. For instances started automatically (through a Catalytic trigger), the instance owner is the Workflow owner.

Manual tasks without a specified assignee and any system notifications will default to the instance owner. Workflow: Update Owner is for scenarios when these responsibilities need to be shifted to another user after the instance has already started.

Fields for this action

  • New Owner

    • The name or email address of a Catalytic user. Can be text or a {{field-names}} reference

What will this output?

The expected output is a New Owner of the instance of the Workflow. Any manual tasks without a specified assignee will default to the new instance owner after this action has completed.

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