Workflow: End this Workflow

Use this action to immediately end an instance of a Workflow and skip all remaining tasks.

Use case

This action ends the current instance of the Workflow and prevents any upcoming tasks from running. This action should be used when there is a clear condition that should cause the instance to stop.

✅   Heads-up: This action will not end child subprocesses, such as those started with the Tables: Start Workflow for each row action. To end a Workflow in a way that also ends all active child subprocesses, you must manually end the instance. See How to end an active instance to learn more.

Under most circumstances, the functionality of this action can be accomplished with Dependencies and Conditions that account for all possible ways that a Workflow instance can end.

How to configure this action

This action has no fields to configure. This action, when started in a Workflow, will simply end the Workflow.

What will this output?

The expected output is ending the current instance of the Workflow.

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