Workflow: Duplicate a Process

Use this action to create a copy of a Workflow within your team

Use case

  • When the same set of steps need to be followed for another process, but specific changes need to be made on certain parameters
  • Backing up a process before making major changes to the template
  • Making a copy to test out changes before making changes to the original template

How to configure this action

For the majority of cases, this action functions best as a single-task Workflow with the sole purpose of duplicating other Workflows.

This action uses the alphanumeric ID of a Workflow to create a duplicate of that template.

Fields for this action

  • Process

    • Select a Workflow to duplicate from a list of all Workflows available on your team. The list only includes Workflows you have permission to view.
      • You can also reference a Workflow stored in a field. Change the left hand drop-down to Use table via field then select from any field that is part of the process. Learn more.
      • If necessary, you can enter the Workflow ID directly. Change the left hand drop-down to Use table by ID then enter the ID manually. Learn more.

What will this output?

The expected output is a copy of the original Workflow. The name of the duplicate version will be the same as the original with a number appended to prevent naming conflicts.

In case of successful duplication, two fields will be generated.

Output fields for this action

  • New Process ID

    • The alphanumeric ID of the duplicated Workflow
    • A direct link to the duplicated Workflow, which includes the Process ID within the URL


  • While the Process ID can be entered as a static text value, it is strongly recommended to create a Instance Field that allows the user the enter a different process ID for each instance of this task. For more information, please review our Duplicate a Process guide.

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