Workflow: Create a scheduled trigger

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Use this action to create a new trigger for a Workflow and configure the time of the first run and a repeat cadence.

With the Workflow collection of actions, you can automate updating and managing a Workflow with a Workflow.

How to configure this action

Fields for this action

  • Process

    • Select a Workflow the trigger will start from a list of all Workflows available on your team. The list only includes Workflows you have permission to view.
      • You can also reference a Workflow stored in a field. Change the left hand drop-down to Use table via field then select from any field that is part of the process. Learn more.
      • If necessary, you can enter the Workflow ID directly. Change the left hand drop-down to Use table by ID then enter the ID manually. Learn more.
  • Trigger name

  • First run

    • Enter the date-time when the trigger should run for the first time. May be defined as either a {{field-reference}} or in the ISO format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sTZD
      • Example: {{field-reference}} or 1985-10-26T09:00:00Z
  • Schedule

    • Select the repeating cadence for the trigger to run. Options include:
      • never, hour, day, weekday, week, month, and year.
      • If blank, the schedule will be set to never repeat.

What will this output?

This action does not have any output fields. The output of this action is a Workflow updated with a new scheduled trigger. Check the Workflow Builder page in the Triggers and Fields to see the added trigger.

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What happens to scheduled triggers during Daylight Savings Time?

Daylight Savings time will affect the start time of triggers. It is recommended to adjust triggers prior to daylight savings time taking affect if this may interfere with your process.

For example, if a process is set to begin at 5:30AM CST, the start time will change to 4:30AM CST when daylight savings takes place.

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