Workflow: Add a task

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Use this action to automatically assign a new task to someone while an instance is running. You can assign a new task to a group or team member and the action sends a notification to the task owner.

How to configure this action

Fields for this action

  • Task name

    • Add a short but informative name for the task
  • Task owner

    • Enter the email address, team member name, or group name who will receive the task. You can also use a reference field.
      • When you refer to a user use their full name, or @full name
      • When you refer to a group name use “g_groupname”
  • Instructions

    • Add any directions or instructions for the task owner.

    • 💡   Tip: Use Markdown to format the instruction field with bold, italics, links, images, headers, and more. Conditionally displaying text is also supported.

  • Start delay

    • Number of days from the current date that the task should wait until started. No delay if left blank.
  • Deadline

    • Number of days from the current date that the task will be due. No deadline if left blank.

What will this output?

The output of this action is a task assigned to the task owner and has no output fields.

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