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With groups, you can assign more than one team member to a task, or manage permissions based on groups. For example, you could create an IT Support group to receive all incoming requests for hardware or software assistance.

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Simplify permissions with groups

It’s easiest to manage Workflow, Data table, or other permissions using groups. Create groups for different teams or functions, then grant permissions to those groups rather than granting permissions to individuals. This is especially important as the team size or Workflow count increases.

Assigning tasks to groups

Tasks can be assigned to groups in the same places that you would assign a task to a person. If a task is assigned to a group, all group members are assigned the task and if any member of the group completes the task it is marked complete for all members of the group.

How to create a new group

  1. Open the menu in the top navigation bar, and select Team.
  2. Select
  3. Name the group and select 1 or more team members to include in the group
  4. Select

How to edit a group

  1. Open the menu in the top navigation bar, and select Team.
  2. Select the Groups tab
  3. Select a group
  4. To rename the group or add/remove members, select to make changes
  5. To deactivate the group, toggle This Group is Active off.

💡   Tip: You can reactivate a deactivated group from the groups tab. To show all deactivated groups, select the Active Groups filter and change it to Archived Groups to show just deactivated groups.

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