Workflow: Rename this Workflow

Use this action to rename a Workflow instance as its running. This is useful for including field values in the name to provide context for each instance of the Workflow, like adding a new hire’s name to their onboarding instance.

Use case

If a Workflow instance will be in a waiting state for an extended period of time, consider changing the Workflow instance name to display this state. This will be helpful information for anyone reviewing open Workflow instances.

  • Erika has a Workflow that runs every time a user submits feedback on her product. The feedback can be positive or negative. To keep track of each submission when using Catalytic, she uses the Workflow: Rename this Workflow action to give descriptive names to each instance, like “Positive feedback — May 15” or “Negative feedback - May 16”.

How to configure this action

Be careful of adding sensitive information in the Workflow instance name. Everyone who has access to view the template will have access to view the Workflow instance, and it could inadvertently come up when searching in Catalytic.

Fields for this action

What will this output?

The Workflow instance will be renamed when this action completes. There are no output fields from this action.

  • Note: The Run ID of an instance is unique and unchanged by the Workflow: Rename this Workflow action.

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