Workflow: Wait until batch processes complete

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Use this action to delay the completion of this action until a set of batch processes have completed first. This action can be used in a Workflow to suspend automation until a batch process completes.

Use case

This action is mostly used to verify the completion of subprocesses and Helper Workflows started through a Tables: Start Workflow for Each Row or an Excel: Start Process for Each Row action.

If this action is configured as dependent on one of those batch process actions, this action stays open until all instances of batch process tasks are complete. Once all instances have completed, this action itself will complete.

How to configure this action

This action has no configuration fields. Instead, use task Dependencies to select which batch tasks this action should monitor. For example, set this task as dependent on a batch process task like Tables: Start Workflow for Each Row from the dependencies screen.

What will this output?

This task has no output fields. When all of the instances of the dependency batch processes are complete or aborted, this task will complete.

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