Assign Task to a Person

Use this action to have a Workflow assign a task to a team member or team group.

For more sophisticated task assignment, like assigning tasks round robin or to a random user, see the Assign tasks to a random person in a group article.

Use case

The Assign Task to a Person action assigns a task to a Catalytic user or group. The action can also be assigned to a list of Catalytic users.

This action has many applications and should be the default catch-all action for any steps within a Workflow that require manual intervention. For example, when certain information needs to be collected and stored as fields or when an individual needs to be prompted for approval.

How to configure this action

Fields for this action

  • Assign To

    • Who should complete the task.

      • To assign to the instance owner, leave blank
      • To assign the same person every instance, enter their name or email
      • To assign a group, enter the Catalytic group name.
      • To assign to multiple users, add multiple names or email addresses and Catalytic will send the task to everyone assigned.
      • To assign a different user each instance using a field reference, see Why can’t I use a field reference for the assign to field
    • Note: When a task is assigned to multiple users, any of the assigned users can complete the task and once one user completes the task, it’s completed for all users.
  • Instructions

    • Provide the user with the information they’ll need to complete the task

    • Any combination of text and/or {{field-name}} references is acceptable

    • In addition, Markdown formatting and conditional display text are also available for this configuration

    • 💡   Tip: Use Markdown to format the instruction field with bold, italics, links, images, headers, and more. Conditionally displaying text is also supported.

  • Fields

    • Configure any fields for the user to complete. These values can be referenced later in {{field-name}} format

What will this output?

The expected output are the task fields completed by the user

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Why can’t I use a field reference for the assign to field?

The assign to field can accept a field reference to dynamically assign a task to a user. For example, you could have a field {{assign-to-this-user}} that is set in a prior task. Then, you can reference that field in an assign to action.

To do this, you must use the previous editor and type in the field reference manually. For how to type a field reference manually, see How to manually type a field reference. To open in the previous editor, follow these steps:

  1. In the Workflow Builder screen, click an action you wish to edit with the previous editor.
  2. At the bottom of the configuration panel, select Open in Previous Editor

    screen readers look here

To read more about the previous editor, see Open in previous editor


  • When naming tasks, consider the viewpoint of the person completing the task. (ex. Submit info may not be as clear as Submit new employee info for ADP)

  • Assign to:

    • For scenarios when a task needs to be assigned to an individual without a Catalytic account, please use the Email: Wait for reply action instead.

    • When in Test - By Myself mode for a Workflow instance, all tasks will be assigned to you.

    • For flexibility and ease of future updates, it is best to create a group or Instance Field for the assignee. When creating a Instance Field, store the current user assigned to this task as a default value within the field and add the newly created field in {{field-names}} as the assignee.

  • Instructions:

    • Add next steps in the instructions so the person completing the task is confident in what will happen when they complete the task. If there is a task early on in the instance, it may make sense to provide even more insight into the overall flow of the entire instance.

    • If there are several Assign Task to a Person tasks within a template which require the same instructions, consider creating a hidden Instance Field with the default value set as the duplicative string of text. Then, use the {{field-name}} format to reference in the instructions of each task. This will reduce time spent making edits and ensure consistency throughout the template.

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