Salesforce Trigger: New Account Created

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Starts an instance of a Workflow when a new account is created in Salesforce.

Use case

The New Account Created Salesforce trigger will start a new instance of a Workflow whenever a new account is created within the connected Salesforce instance.

  • Checking the new account against accounts already stored in Salesforce
  • Looking up the new account using a contact or company lookup action
  • Automatically create tasks or send emails based on new account information.

How to configure this trigger

The Salesforce trigger requires a preconfigured Salesforce integration. For more information on integrating Catalytic with other systems, please refer to the Integrations section of our help documentation.

Fields for this trigger

  • Trigger Name

    • Name to label the trigger within the Triggers page.
  • Integration

    • Select from a list of all Salesforce integrations already authorized through the Integrations page

What will this output?

The Salesforce fields associated with the new account are available within the triggered Workflow instance. The specific output fields depend on the configuration of your Salesforce instance and integration with Catalytic.

Please refer to the output section of Salesforce Triggers for instructions on how to configure which fields to be passed into Catalytic and how to refer to those fields within a Workflow.

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