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The Workflow Insights screen gives you data on your Workflow’s performance over the last 50 instances. Only completed and canceled instance and task data is included on the insights page.

✅   Heads-up: Similar to the admin team center, in progress or test instances are not included in the data.

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Click the insights tab on the Workflow detail page to view a dashboard for your Workflow. The insights page is not visible until at least one run has completed.

The insights page provides helpful data on your Workflow’s overall health and performance, and four diagrams:

  • Average duration: The average duration for all completed instances.
  • Completed: The number of instances that completed, excluding any canceled instances.
  • Canceled: The number of instances that were canceled. This includes, instances that failed, skipped, were rejected, or ended manually.
  • Fix tasks: The number of fix tasks across all completed instances.

Cycle Time Trend

Use this diagram to see the status of the last 50 instances from your Workflow. Each completed instance’s status is shown by color. You can click a bar on the dashboard to open that instance’s detail page, or hover over the instance for more information.

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The bar height represents the total instance duration. For example, the longest completed bar in the example above took 14 minutes to complete.

The light gray bars underneath represent the total time the instance was queued. For example, the longest queued bar in the example above is 14.1 seconds of queued time. Queued time accumulates in three situations:

  1. The work is queued because a limit is met or exceeded. This can happen for different reasons based on Workflow system limits.
  2. A task was going to be started, but was delayed because a configured delay start.
  3. A task was snoozed until a later time or date by a user.

Potential Bottlenecks

Use this diagram to see the average task duration across the last 50 completed instances. You can scroll through this diagram to view all tasks in your Workflow.

The number on the right hand side is that task’s average duration. The diagram is sorted in descending order from longest to shortest task duration.

Action Completion Speed

Use this diagram to look at each instance and determine which tasks started and how long they took to complete. Each column is an instance, and each row represents a task in that instance.

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If the box is gray, the task did not start. If the box is blue, the shade represents how long it took to complete, relative to that same task duration in other instances.

In other words, if a task is light blue, it completed quickly compared to the average time that task took to complete across the last 50 instances. If it is dark blue, it completed slowly compared to the average across other instances.

Action Summary

Use this diagram for an overview of different task information shown across the rest of the Insights page.

  • % Present: How many times this task started across the last 50 instances, expressed as a percentage.
  • Average Duration: The average duration of this task across the last 50 instances.
  • Median: The median duration of this task across the last 50 instances.

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