Version Control

All Workflow’s support versioning. By default, a new Workflow is considered “Published”. Using versions, you can create “Draft” versions of a Workflow, where changes can be safely made without affecting the published version.

New versions are always created based on the latest published version. It’s not possible to create a draft off of a draft.

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Examples of use

Use versioning any time you have a published and active Workflow. Any changes saved to a published Workflow will affect any new instances.

How to create a Workflow draft

  1. From the Workflow Settings page, select at the top right of the page.
  2. Select
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How to switch between Workflow versions

  1. From the Workflow Settings page, select the Versions at the top right of the page.
  2. Select to open the version selector page.
  3. Select the version you wish to switch to.
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How to publish a draft

  1. To publish a draft, first make sure you are in a draft version. Draft versions have a yellow banner at the top that states “Draft Mode
  2. Select to publish the draft. There will be no confirmation, so always confirm changes before publishing.

How versioning works when actions require a Workflow ID

When you first create a Workflow, the Workflow/Process is assigned a unique ID. We will refer to this as the Root ID. Some actions, like Workflow: Start Another Workflow, require this Root ID to identify the right process.

The Root ID will never change, and will always point to the current published version. This means that if Workflow B references Workflow A by the ID, Workflow B will not need to be updated every time Workflow A publishes a new version.

If necessary, it is also possible to reference a specific draft version by the process ID. You can find the ID in the URL with a draft version open. It is not recommended to reference draft versions, as there is no Root ID for a draft, and the draft process ID is voided when the draft is published.

Get help with a problem or question

If something’s not working as expected, or you’re looking for suggestions, check through the options below.

Can I still use test mode on draft versions?

Test mode works identically across all Workflow versions. You have the choice to assign all tasks to yourself, and the test instance will not be factored into the Workflow’s statistics. Draft instances do not appear on the instance detail page.