Archive a Workflow

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If a Workflow is no longer needed, you can archive it to prevent it from appearing in search or in team member鈥檚 Workflows page. Archiving a Workflow will prevent any new instances from being started.

Archived Workflows are hidden and not deleted鈥攖o view them, filter your Workflows by Archived from the Workflows page.

How to archive a Workflow

  1. Navigate to the Workflow Settings page for the Workflow you wish to archive.
  2. Select at the bottom of the page.

How to unarchive a Workflow

Since an archived Workflow is removed from search or as an active Workflow on the Workflow page, you will need to adjust the filter on thes Workflows page to show archived Workflows.

  1. Select Workflows on the top navigation bar.
  2. In the filter at the top, change Active to Archived to show archived Workflows.
  3. Select the Workflow you wish to unarchive.
  4. Select to reach the Workflow Settings page.
  5. Select at the bottom of the page.