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A task is a type of action that assigns work to someone to complete. A task typically includes instructions or a form with fields to fill to provide some information. Additionally, a task might have a deadline indicating when it needs to be completed.

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Tasks show the owner, when the task was created, and show who is assigned to it. You can comment on a task whether or not it’s assigned to you.

Examples of use

  • A manager is assigned a task to review and approve an expense

  • An IT professional is assigned a task to provision a laptop to a new employee

  • A sales person is assigned a task to upload the final contract for a new customer

How to complete a task

  1. Select Tasks from the top navigation. You can also select a task from the Workflow detail page, home page, or notification panel.

  2. Select the task to complete.

  3. If there are any fields, fill them out. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*)

  4. Select

How to reassign or snooze a task

If you are not the best person to complete the tasks, select and select another team member.

Any user can reassign a task if they have access to view the run, and the task is either In Progress or Snoozed.

If you can’t complete this task yet, select and select one of options.


  • New tasks appear on your home screen in the tasks section and in the notification panel By default, you will receive notifications via email to complete tasks. Change this by updating your notification preferences.

  • Use the Add a comment box at the bottom to communicate with others. To notify a specific person, enter @ followed by their name, such as @Erika Mustermann.

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