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The Catalytic home page is the starting point for managing your day to day automation and your personal control center for Catalytic. From here, you can see an overview of all your work and the status of tasks, notifications, and Workflow instances.

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View a summary of your Catalytic activity

At the top of the page is a summary of your Catalytic and Workflow usage. This overview provides a quick glance at the automation you have in place.

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  • Overdue Tasks: the number of active tasks that are past their due date. By default, overdue tasks will show up first on your task list.
  • Active Tasks: The number of active tasks assigned to you.
  • My Instances: The number of instances where you are the owner.
  • Participant Instances: The number of active instances where you have an active task assigned to you.

If you work with a lot of tasks, the tasks list page is a great place to get a checklist style view of all your active tasks. Select View All to see and sort through all your tasks.

If you often start and manage many Workflow instances and need information on your automation performance, select Dashboard from the top of any Catalytic screen. Dashboards are only available for Admin users.

Check on any pending notifications

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Browse the latest notifications from a Workflow instance or the Catalytic system.

  • Workflow notifications are triggered by a Workflow, like for an important team announcement or upcoming office closure
  • System notifications are triggered automatically, like from new or overdue tasks

You can view the task associated with notification by selecting the notification. You can view all notifications on the notification page by selecting View All

Browse and configure your favorite Workflows

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Any Workflow you’ve favorited shows up in the Favorites section of your home page. A favorited Workflow is always easy to find. Favorite a Workflow you frequently start, or favorite one you’re currently editing and working on for quick access.

You can add or remove favorited Workflows by selecting the next to an item.

You can view all of your favorites by selecting View All

View your current, in progress, or overdue tasks

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Tasks assigned to you display in the Tasks section of your home page. They will show the task name and instructions, as well as the owner, Workflow instance name, and the start date. Tasks sort by those due soonest first, with any overdue or in progress at the top.

You can view all of your tasks by selecting View All or by selecting Tasks from the top navigation.

Drill down into any instance

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If you have an active task assigned to you, the instance that assigned the task shows up in the Instances section of your home page.

In the instance section, you’ll see each instance name, who started it, the date it was started, and a summary of the progress with details like percent complete, who has an assigned task, and the number of active and completed tasks.

Select an instance to open the instance detail page where you can look more closely at an individual instance’s progress.

You can view all of your instances by selecting View All

Start a Workflow

Start any Workflow with the  button. This opens up a new page to select, configure, and begin a new Workflow instance.

You can also browse your Workflows by selecting Workflows from the top navigation bar.

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