Comment on an Instance or Task

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Comment on an active instance or task to interact with other members of your team, ask a question, or cheer on a Workflow! You can leave a comment from the instance detail page or task page.

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How to comment on an instance

  1. Search for the Workflow instance by selecting on the top right of any page, or select the Workflow instance listed at the top of an open task, or browse and filter for an instance on the instances page.
  2. Type the comment or question in the Add a comment field at the bottom of the instance.
  3. Select .

How to comment on a task

  1. Search for and open a task you would like to comment on.
  2. Type the comment or question in the Add a comment field at the bottom of the task.
  3. Select .

Mention and notify someone in a message

Type @ then a team members name to mention them in a comment, like @erika mustermann. When you mention a user, they receive an email notification. If you can’t recall the right name, scroll through the list of team members that pops up.

The team member you tag will receive an email notification about your comment as long as their notification preferences for Alerts are enabled.

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The notification email includes a direct link to the instance.

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