Change the notifications you receive from Catalytic

Catalytic has built in notifications to help groups and team members keep track of automation. Each team member can configure their preferred notification settings for their personal or group notifications. Notifications are provided for the following types of events:

  • New task assignments
  • Task or Workflow reminders
  • When an instance is completed
  • Workflow summaries

How to change your notification preferences

  1. Select your photo or profile icon in the top right corner and select My Account from the menu.
  2. Select the Notifications tab.

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  3. Adjust your notification preferences for each item:

You can set both Personal and Group notifications from the notifications page. Group notifications include events like tasks assigned to a group you鈥檙e a member of.

  • Updates from Catalytic: This notification type is currently unused. Turning this on or off will not impact any notifications.
  • Weekly Status Report: Receive a weekly summary email of the updates for your team.
  • Daily Status Report: Receive a daily summary of your task updates, such as new tasks assigned to you.
  • Alert: Receive notifications for just the tasks assigned to you, instances you鈥檙e involved in that complete, and deadline reminders.

All changes save automatically.

Enabling Catalytic notifications in Slack

You can opt to receive notifications in Slack. This option is only available if your team has an active Slack integration configured. See the Slack Integration Setup Guide for more information.

Add your Slack username to your Profile page to add Slack as an option in notification preferences.

馃挕Tip: A Slack user can receive notifications from multiple Catalytic teams, but is only able to complete tasks within Slack for one of those teams.