Catalytic password requirements

To protect sensitive data, Catalytic requires a very secure password. All Catalytic passwords must meet all following criteria:

  • 8 or more characters.
  • Cannot contain your name, username, user ID, team name, email or the words Catalytic, Pushbot, admin, owner, or public.
  • Cannot contain common password conventions such as 123, abc, or have repeated sequences like 123123123, 202020.
  • Cannot be in the list of top 100 most common passwords, or similar to a common password.
  • Cannot include straight rows of keys like asdfg or yuiop or dates in easy to guess formats like 123053.

How to create a strong password

If you find your commonly used passwords don’t meet the security requirements, here are some tips:

  • Review the general guidelines above. In some cases, a password just needs a small change like an extra character, or should exclude a specific word. Isolate what the possible issue with your password may be.
  • If you’ve tried multiple permutations of a password you prefer, try creating a new password.
    • For example, if you tried password as a password but it was not secure enough, permutations like password123 or Password0 will also fail since password is already too common.
  • Try the multiple word phrase method: experts have shown that a string of 3+ uncommon words is virtually uncrackable. For example, 3 or 4 word phrases like Deliveryman-Quartet-Convention or Mango-Bran-Clothing-Warehouse are very strong passwords and easy to remember.