Convert a field to a new field type

Catalytic fields always have a field type. For example, a field with the type “Text” accepts all alphanumeric characters, and the type “Integer” only accepts whole numbers. There are 18 commonly used field types.

You can specify the field type when you add a field to a Workflow or data table.

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In many processes, field data must be converted into new forms. For example, field formulas always output to text fields, even if the result is a whole number—It’s typical to convert field formula output fields into integer field types to use as an input for another action.

How to convert data from one field type into a new type

There are 5 actions that are useful for converting between field types. Choose the best action based on your desired destination field type. These actions output a new field in the chosen field type.

For example, use the Set value of a integer field action to convert a field into an integer type field. When you configure the action, the input goes in the Output field value field.

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Date and date-time type fields have specific actions that help convert back and forth between types:

What happens if an input is formatted incorrectly?

If incorrectly formatted data is added to a field, a fix task is created. For example, if an action attempts to add the text Apple to an Integer type field, this will create a fix task.

Manually changing the field type of an existing field

You can manually change a field’s type if necessary, such as cases where an imported table’s inferred field types are incorrect. Update the field type from the configure field page.

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Changing a field’s type may result in unexpected changes to any past data the field collected and stored. For example, if a integer field is changed to true or false, all historical values will change to false.

With how field types are designed, it is recommended to test these changes outside of a production environment to verify all changes are acceptable. Use versions when possible to prevent data loss.

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