Field: Set the value of a multiple choice field

Use this action to update the value of an existing choice or choose multiple field.

With this action, you can dynamically set field values based on the input in previous tasks. This action is similar to other Field: Set the value actions and is one of many to choose from based on field type, like text or multiple choice.

Use case

This action is commonly used to change the values in a multiple choice field based on earlier results, like whether a task is assigned to a supervisor or manager, an item is in or out of stock, or other situations.

Or, you could use this action to creatively set a multiple choice field. One example is using values from a data table’s column and using each row as a value in a multiple choice field:

  1. Assign a manual task where a user selects a column header from a multiple choice field.
  2. Based on the column header choice, use the Tables: Convert Data table to Text to turn the column into text. This will make it easy for this action to add the values to a field.
  3. Reference the text output in the Choices field when you configure this action.

How to configure this action

This action requires an existing field. This can be a field created by an action or output from an action, or a field created manually in a task or Instance Field

There are three steps to configuring this action:

  1. Choose the Existing field name, which is the field that this action updates.
  2. Select the Choices which will be the new possible options a user can select from. For example, Apple, Orange, Pear
  3. Then, if necessary, select the Values, which will be the default value of the field, or in other words, the values already chosen from the choices. For example, Apple.

A fix task is created if the Values field has an entry not listed in the Choices field. This is because you cannot choose a choice that is not a choice to begin with.

Fields for this action

  • Existing field name

    • The name of the existing single choice or multiple choice field.
      • If the field has a value, like a field output from a task, use a {{field-reference}}.
      • If the Field does not have a value, like an empty Instance Field, just use field-reference
  • Value

    • Any Text and fields in {{field-name}} format to combine into the new value of the field.
    • For a choose multiple field, enter one choice per line.
    • Leave blank to clear the existing field value.
  • Choices

    • Enter the possible choices for the field, one per line.
    • Leave blank to leave the choices unchanged.

What will this output?

This task will output the existing field name and new value selected during configuration. For example, if the existing field name was {{first-available-day-of-the-week}} with a new value of Monday, this will be the field name and value output by the task.

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