Dates: Adjust a Date

Use this action to add or subtract from a date, and adjust a date value by a desired unit (days, business days) of time.

Use case

Most Workflows run over multiple days and sometimes weeks, in these cases, the Dates: Adjust a Date action is the go-to action for keeping track of timing and deadlines.

This action is commonly used to schedule tasks on specific dates, or set deadlines for tasks. Most tasks have a timing and deadline setting in their configuration, and each can be set to a specific date.

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For example, to dynamically schedule a reminder email 1 week after someone completes a manual task,

  1. Set a Date-times: Get Current Date & Time action to start when the manual task is completed. This saves the time the task was completed.
  2. Use this Dates: Adjust a Date action to add 7 days to that date.
  3. Add an Email: Send an Email action (or other action) after, and reference the adjusted date for the task’s timing.

Any time you want to set something to happen at a specific time, or after a specific number of days or hours, use this action to make the adjustment – it’s great generating dates for deadlines, setting up reminders or notifications, or automating the start date of a Workflow instance.

How to configure this action

Fields for this action

  • Original Date

    • A fixed date or datetime value, or a {{field-names}} reference for a date, datetime, or text field type
    • When using dates through a fixed value or text field type, acceptable formats are MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD (For example, November 5th, 2018 should be entered as 11/05/2018 or 2018-11-05)
  • Adjustment Amount

    • Positive or negative integer to adjust the Original Date
  • Units

    • For adjusting by number of days, leave blank or enter DAY
    • For adjusting by number of business days (weekdays), enter BUSINESS

    • 💡   Tip: Business days are Monday to Friday and does not take Holidays into account. For custom business days, a field formula.
  • Return Field Name

    • Name of the field containing your adjusted date, that the action will output.

What will this output?

The expected output is an adjusted date saved to the field defined in Return Field Name. The output field type is date.


  • When using this action in conjunction with a Dates: Format a Date Time action, be mindful of the expected format for the Original Date Time configuration. Whenever possible, it’s suggested to use the Dates: Format a Date Time action last to ensure proper formatting.
  • If it’s necessary to use a Dates: Adjust a date action after already formatting a date value, use the unformatted Input from the Dates: Format a Date Time as the Original Date Time in Dates: Adjust Date Time.

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