Output field name and prefix

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Output fields are where an action stores a result. For example, in the Images: resize an image action, the output fields store info like, New Height, File Width, File type, and File extension.

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Most Catalytic actions use predefined names for the output fields. But in some cases, an output field prefix is used to help differentiate any similarly named fields. The output field prefix is set automatically during action configuration based on the action鈥檚 current name. You can also change and set the output field prefix manually.

As well, some actions let you set the entire output field name, which is another way to keep track of and differentiate your fields.

Why output field prefixes are helpful

Because different actions may output fields with similar names, output field prefixes help keep track of where each field originates from. This way, when you view an instance鈥檚 fields, you can see the difference between actions with similar outputs.

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If there are two resize image actions, the field names would be identical without an output field prefix

So if you set the output field prefix for an Images: resize an image action to resized-image1, you鈥檒l be able to tell which field is which when browsing output fields.

This also helps when using the field picker鈥攅ach field in the picker shows the full field name, including the prefix, so you can easily choose the correct field reference.

Where to view output fields

There are two primary ways to check output fields.

Check the output fields for a single action

When configuring an action, look for the Show output fields button towards the bottom right of each action. This lists all the recognized output fields.

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Check the output fields for an entire process

To view all fields in a process, head to the instance details page of an active or completed instance from the process. Select the in the top right, then select Fields. This shows a list of all output fields.

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