Salesforce: Lookup a custom object

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Use the Salesforce: Lookup a custom object to search for custom objects within Salesforce that match the entered criteria.

Use case

  • Look up a record for any custom Salesforce objects
  • Look up any standard object that doesn’t have a dedicated action, like Assets, Notes, Tasks, etc.

How to configure this action

This action requires a preconfigured Salesforce integration. For more information on integrating Catalytic with other systems, please refer to the Integrations section of our help documentation.

Either the record ID or both the custom field name and the custom field value are required to lookup a custom object.

For example, to look up the details of an Opportunity in Salesforce, set the Custom object name to Opportunity and enter the Opportunity ID in the Record ID field.

Fields for this action

  • Integration

    • Select your team’s integration from the list
  • Output field name

    • The name of the field in which the result should be saved
  • Custom object name

    • View the field in Salesforce Setup to find the API name of the custom object in Salesforce
    • Custom objects typically uses the format Object_Name__c
  • Record ID

    • The 15 or 18 digit ID of the record to look up
    • When viewing the Opportunity in Salesforce, the URL has the 15 digit ID.
      • Example:
    • For help finding the Record ID, see Salesforce’s Find the ID of a record type article.
  • Custom look up field name

    • Search this field to find the first matching record. View the field in Salesforce Setup to find the API Name.
    • Custom objects typically use the format Field_Name__c
  • Custom look up field value

    • Search for the first record with this value in the custom look up field

What will this output?

All fields returned by Salesforce will have the output field name, two dashes, and the Salesforce field name.

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