Workflow Permissions

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Each Workflow has different types of permissions that are configurable, such as

  • Which users can edit it
  • Which users can find it when searching or viewing lists
  • The default level of field permissions for any fields added to the Workflow or added when an instance is running
  • Whether or not users can start the Workflow manually.

How to change Workflow permissions

By default, new Workflows can be found and edited by the creator and by admins. Workflow permission levels can be changed at any time from the Workflow Settings page. Admins can be removed from a Workflow’s permissions, but permission fields cannot be left blank.

  1. Select Workflows from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select a Workflow, this will open the Workflow detail page.
  3. Select in the upper-right corner to get to the Workflow Builder page.
  4. Select the in the top right, and select Settings
  5. Scroll down to the Security section, and click to expand it.

    screen readers look here
  6. Update the users or groups who can find and edit the Workflow.

    screen readers look here
    This is an example of the Workflow permissions screen

💡   Tip: If a Workflow begins handling confidential information but the fields are not set as confidential, changing the Workflow’s default field permissions and applying the permissions retroactively is a quick way to change all fields to confidential.

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