Collect data by sending someone a form to fill out

Web forms look like a questionnaire and collect information from people for a Workflow instance. Because a web form is a publicly accessible web page with a form built in, you can loop customers, partners, or vendors into your automation. When a web form is submitted, all entries are available as fields in the process.

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An example of a web form. This form gives users a way to submit new claims.

Web forms are either sent in an action, like the Email: Send a Form action or can be a trigger to start a new Workflow with a Web form trigger. In both cases, the form answers are turned into fields.

With a web form sent by email or SMS, the web form is a unique address sent directly to a recipient. It can only be filled out once. Once it is submitted, the task completes.

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With the Email: Send an Form action, a Workflow sends out a web form in the middle of the process. In this example, the Workflow creates a new table, then sends out the form. When the form is filled, that data is added to the table with a Tables: add a row action.

How to create a web form sent by an action

  1. Add an Email: Send a form action to any Workflow. Click the action to configure it,
  2. From the configure task page, select Add a field in the Form Fields section.

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  3. Continue adding fields to the action in the order they should appear on the form.
  4. Select each field to configure field specific settings, like type or description. See How to configure fields for more details.
  5. Configure the rest of the action as usual. See Email: Send a form or SMS Text: Send a form via text for more information.

For more tips on web forms, check out the web forms article. To extend web forms in new ways, check the Customize and add features to web forms.

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