Review resolutions to common Workflow issues. Repair and restore your Workflows to top shape!

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The new UI for creating and editing Workflows is available for all users. All important and commonly used features are already updated and ready to go; less common features have either moved around, or are still being updated. If a feature you need is not in the new UI, you...

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Catalytic works on most modern browsers and supports many browser versions to avoid any problems accessing or using Catalytic. We support the following browsers: Browser Minimum Version Chrome 66+ Firefox 52+ Safari 11+ Internet Explorer 11+ Microsoft Edge 15+

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Catalytic, the Help Center, Community, and other resources are currently available in English. Although the platform is in English, you can use many languages within your process and automations. Catalytic fully supports left-to-right single-byte languages in text of emails, forms, and tasks. We have general support for multi-byte languages as...

Troubleshooting Error Messages ›

When things don’t work as expected, the problem might be on our end, your end, a third-party system, or some place in between. If you experience an error or issue with a specific feature of Catalytic, head to the most relevant help article to find topic specific information. Otherwise, there...