Troubleshooting Error Messages

馃暀聽聽1 minute read

When things don鈥檛 work as expected, the problem might be on our end, your end, a third-party system, or some place in between.

If you experience an error or issue with a specific feature of Catalytic, head to the most relevant help article to find topic specific information. Otherwise, there are some general troubleshooting tips we recommend.

General troubleshooting tips

  • Try refreshing the page, some automated actions or features require some extra time to complete and refreshing the page may fix the problem.

  • Repeat the steps you took before you encountered an issue, there may have been a one time issue or problem that happened along the way.

  • If creating a task or field, try using a different name as it could have already been used or is otherwise reserved. Also, if you have any special symbols ($%`~=\&-^*}{<>@!) , try removing them.

  • Contact Catalytic Support if the problem persists.