Supported Languages

Catalytic, the Help Center, Community, and other resources are currently available in English. Although the platform is in English, you can use many languages within your process and automations.

Catalytic fully supports left-to-right single-byte languages in text of emails, forms, and tasks. We have general support for multi-byte languages as well.

Complete list of supported languages
Language Language Code
English en_US
Japanese ja
German de
Spanish (Mexico) es_MX
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR
French fr
Chinese (Simplified) zh_CN
Chinese (Traditional) zh_TW
Korean ko
Dutch nl_NL
Swedish sv
Russian ru
Italian it
Danish da
Finnish fi
Norwegian no
Spanish es
Thai th

At this time, system elements like buttons or error messages are always in English.

Support for multi-byte character languages

Catalytic supports multi-byte characters, with some limitations. To prevent issues, Catalytic recommends avoiding multi-byte characters in complex processes that use significant data validation or manipulation.

  • Users can enter multi-byte characters into web form and task fields
  • multi-byte characters are supported in the text of forms, emails, and instructions.
  • Text layout in Catalytic is left-to-right, top-to-bottom and the default character direction cannot be changed.
  • The language within Catalytic cannot be changed, for example a “Submit” button will always be “Submit”.

✅   Heads-up: Not all actions work with multi-byte characters. The behavior can be inconsistent and it’s advised to perform additional testing if you intend to use multi-byte characters in actions.

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