Text: Format Capitalization

Use this action to standardize the capitalization of a string to all uppercase, lowercase, capital case or sentence case.

Use case

The Text: Format Capitalization action is used to clean up the capitalization of a text field. For example, if a latter action uses the text from a prior action in an email, this action can clean up the formatting prior to passing the text onto the email action.

How to configure this action

Fields for this action

  • Text to format

    • The text to be formatted, as text or in {{field-name}} format
  • Output field name

    • The name of the field in which the result should be saved. The step name is used by default.
  • Capitalization format

    • If UPPER, all characters are converted to upper case
    • If LOWER, all characters are converted to lower case
    • If CAPITAL, the first letter in each word is capitalized
    • If SENTENCE, the first letter in the first word in each sentence is capitalized

      💡   Tip: For the sentence case to work, there must be punctuation (even if there is only a single sentence)

What will this output?

This action outputs the formatted text. The name of the output field will be the Output field name defined during configuration.

Output fields for this action

  • Output field name

    • The action will output the text with the configured capitalization format.

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