Text: Find Emails

Use this action to find all email references in the text field and save them to a data table.

Use case

If emails need to be pulled from text they are in, the Text: Find emails action can help. For example, a purchasing order that is scanned using the Images: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) action could be followed by this action to identify who approved the order.

This action could also be used in combination with the Contacts: Validate an Email Address action to get the emails and confirm they are valid

How to configure this action

Fields for this action

    • The text to be parsed, as text or in {{field-name}} format
  • Return field name

    • The name of the field in which the result should be saved. The step name is used by default.

What will this output?

This action may generate multiple fields. To help keep output fields organized, the return field name above will be added to the beginning of each of the output field names, separated by two dashes. Each field will result as:{{return-field-name}--output-field}}.

Output fields for this action

  • Data table

    • The action will find the emails within the Text to search and output them to a data table in the field name defined in Return field name during configuration. The table will have 4 columns:

    • Email Domain Start Index Local-part
      Each email found The part of the email after the @ symbol Where the email was found in the text The section of the email before the @ symbol
  • Number of emails

    • The number of matches found.
  • First Match

    • The first match.

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