Outlook Integration Setup Guide

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Outlook is an email application and information manager from Microsoft. Many organizations use Microsoft Outlook as part of their Office 365 subscription.

This integration enables all Outlook actions and the Outlook trigger within Catalytic, including our Outlook: Create Meeting and Outlook: Find available meeting times actions. If you’re using Outlook 365, you can also set up an Outlook Trigger.

Integrations can only be set up by Admin users and are enabled per team. See our General Integration Information page for an overview of integrations and some recommendations when configuring new integrations.

Required Setup

Configuring with Outlook is simple and only requires an email address and password for your Outlook Account. Creating the integration is like using your Outlook Account to sign in to a third-party site or app, which is a common sign in method for different sites and services.

It is best to use a dedicated integration accounts to create the integration. Catalytic requires the following OAuth scopes for permissions:

  • calendars.read.shared
  • calendars.readwrite
  • mail.readwrite
  • offline_access

Create Integration

The following instructions are for creating an integration for the first time. If you already have a connection, select the integration and select Add a Connection, or see How to create a new connection for an existing integration.

  1. Open the overflow menu in the top navigation bar, and select Admin.
  2. Select Integrations at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the Add an Integration button in the top right corner.
  4. Select the Outlook integration then select Add this Connection.
  5. Fill in the details. Set the integration permissions if necessary.
  6. Select Connect.
  7. You will be redirected to a secure Microsoft Outlook login screen. Log in with the Outlook account you wish to connect.
  8. After logging in, Microsoft will ask you to authorize the connection. Catalytic only requires permissions for Outlook at this time. The permissions enable Workflows to help automate mundane work in Outlook.
  9. After authorizing or logging into your Microsoft account, the integration is ready to go and you’ll be returned back to Catalytic.

Get help with a problem or question

If something’s not working as expected, or you’re looking for suggestions, check through the options below.

Can I change the password on the account I used for the integration?

Yes, the password can be reset at any time without breaking the integration. This is true for any integration that connects through OAuth. You can tell if the integration used OAuth if you created the integration by logging in to the app or service with an email and password.

If you receive an the error: “There was a problem adding the integration”

This error is typically an issue with the permissions for the account you are using to connect the integration. Check that the account you use has adequate permissions.

We require the following OAuth scopes for permissions:

  • calendars.read.shared
  • calendars.readwrite
  • mail.readwrite
  • offline_access

Catalytic recommends creating a dedicated user account for integrations. This gives you better control over what permissions the integration has. For more information on dedicated user accounts, see Use dedicated integration accounts to increase reliability

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