Google Drive: List all files in a folder

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Use this action to create a list of all the files, file Urls, and file types from a folder. This action creates a data table that lists all the files and list files from personal and team drive folders.

How to configure this action

This action requires a preconfigured Google Drive integration. For more information on integrating Catalytic with other systems, please refer to the Integrations section of our help center.

Fields for this action

  • Integration

    • Select your Google Drive integration from the options. You may have multiple integrations configured.
  • Folder ID

    • Enter the location of the folder to list all files. When viewing the open folder, the folder ID is a unique string typically at the end of the folder URL.
      • Example: For, the folder ID is 1HqmxgNQFbmDYOzFcd3QAgo7zhGYN4xMM
  • Output Field Prefix

    • To help keep output fields organized, choose an output field prefix to add to the beginning of each output field name as this action may output more than one field.
    • The step’s name is used as the prefix by default.

What will this output?

This action may generate multiple fields. To help keep output fields organized, the prefix above will be added to the beginning of each of the output field names, separated by two dashes. Each field will result as:{{output-field-prefix--output-field}}. Learn more

Output fields for this action

  • Folder ID

    • The folder ID defined during action configuration.
  • Data Table

    • This field provides the ID for a Data Table that stores the list of files. The table will have 3 columns:

    • File Name File Type Download Url
      The file name The file type A link to the file
    • Each row of the table is another file in the folder.

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