Writing and formatting text in Catalytic

Catalytic supports text formatting in email actions and instruction fields. You can use the text formatting toolbar or Markdown to format text.

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Text formatting toolbar

When text formatting is supported, the field will have a text formatting toolbar allowing you to format the text. In addition to commonly used formatting like bold, italics, and lists, you can also include images, links, and quickly reference fields from your Workflow.

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Switch between the editor and markdown view

For users who prefer working in Markdown, you can still format and view your text with Markdown. You can learn more about the Markdown syntax below.

To switch between Markdown and the Editor view, use the and buttons at the bottom of the text entry field.

Markdown syntax

Markdown is a lightweight markup language which allows for formatting of plain text. Click underneath the editor to toggle to Markdown mode.

Markdown is simple “code” you can write in Catalytic to style text, it is used in many places across the web. For example, to create bolded text, you write **bolded**.

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To learn more about formatting with Markdown in Catalytic, check out the Markdown article

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Why are my images not working?

Currently, Catalytic text fields require the image to already be hosted online. In other words, you cannot upload an image from your desktop directly into the text entry field without additional steps.

  • If you upload the image to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, you can add the direct download URL to the image as the image URL.
  • You can also upload the image into a file field, then use the direct download URL as the image URL. You can get the direct download URL by taking a file ID and adding it to the following URL: https://<yourteam>.pushbot.com/api/files/<file-id>/download
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