Slack: Post a multiple choice question

Use this action to send a question to a Slack channel or user with choices presented as buttons.

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Here's an example of a multiple choice question sent by Catalytic using this action.

The multiple choice question can only be answered once and the output of the action is the response and respondent’s username.

To post to a private Slack channel, invite the Catalytic app to the channel first. The app can only post to channels it is a member of.

  • Invite the app by entering the command /invite @Catalytic into the private channel chat. This command is only visible to you.
  • Or to manually invite the app, open the channel, select the Channel Settings gear icon, and select Invite new members to join. See Add people to a channel from Slack’s Help Center for more details.

Use case

  • Employee polls, quick surveys, or as part of a triage process for issues or tickets.

How to configure this action

This action requires a preconfigured Slack integration. For more information on integrating Catalytic with other systems, please refer to the Slack integration setup guide.

If you test a Workflow with this task, any real Slack recipients will receive the message. You must manually adjust the recipient during testing to a dummy account or your own Slack account so actual recipients aren’t messaged during the test. After testing, change it to the intended recipient.

Fields for this action

  • Integration

    • Select your Slack integration from the options. These are your team’s integration accounts
  • Recipient

    • Use either @username, #channel, or a field reference
    • Messages can only be sent to individual recipients
  • Message body

    • The text of the Slack message, using text or reference fields.
    • To customize your message with URLs, formatting, or emoji, follow Slack’s Message Formatting documentation. Slack users a syntax very similar to Markdown.
  • Question

    • The text of the question to include with the Slack message
  • Choices

    • Specify choices in a comma separated list.
    • Each choice is presented as a button.
  • Return field name

    • Enter a name for the field in which the result should be saved
  • Attachments

    • Send files along with your Slack multiple choice question.

What will this output?

The output of the action is a multiple choice question posted to Slack. The action will also return an output field with the response and respondent’s username.

The name of the response field will be the Return field name defined during configuration. The respondent’s username is output to the field {workflow-name--slackRespondent}} , where Workflow-name is the Workflow name for the action.

Output fields for this action

  • Return field name

    • The response to the Slack multiple choice question will be output to this field.
  • slackRespondent

    • The username of the respondent. The username will not include the @ before the username.

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I am getting the error “Please sign in with Slack on your Catalytic profile page”

If your team has a Slack integration enabled and you receive this error, you need to link your team’s Slack integration to your Catalytic account.

Users must link the Slack integration to their user profile to trigger a Workflow via Slack. Currently, the fastest way to do this is to navigate directly to the following URL: https://<team-name>, where <team-name> is your team’s name. Select your Slack integration from the dialog that appears.

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Users can only be associated with a single Catalytic team. If you have accounts on multiple teams, be sure to only link a single account.

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