SFTP New file Trigger

Starts a Workflow instance when a new file is uploaded to an SFTP folder. The trigger checks the SFTP directory every 60 seconds.

Use case

This trigger is useful for any Workflow that manipulates or works with files. This trigger will look for any new file uploaded to an SFTP folder and start an instance for each file added. The file and file attributes are available for the instance they start.

This trigger has many applications for working with files. For example, you can save regularly generated reports to an SFTP folder and have a Workflow start for each report. Each report can be converted to new formats, sent to specific groups or users, or even be used to automatically create a custom PowerPoint presentation.

How to configure this trigger

In addition, this trigger also requires a preconfigured SFTP Credentials integration. For more information on integrating Catalytic with other systems, please refer to the Integrations section of our help documentation.

Fields for this trigger

  • Trigger Name

    • Add a display name for the trigger
  • Trigger Description

    • Choose a description for this trigger. This will appear to other users when they browse a list of triggers.
  • Integration

    • Optionally, select from a list of all SFTP Credential integrations already authorized through the Integrations page.
  • Folder

    • Enter the file path for the folder this trigger will respond to if files are uploaded into it.
    • When entering a folder name, enter a / before it. For example, if the full folder path is ftp://example.exampleftp.com/folder, enter: /folder

What will this output?

This trigger outputs attributes of the new uploaded file which are available for the instance the trigger starts.

Output fields for this trigger

  • File

    • The field where the uploaded file is stored—this is a file download URL as well. This field name will be the name of the trigger.
  • File name

    • The name of the file.
  • File extension

    • Just the file extension for the file, such as .pdf or .pptx.
  • File size in bytes

    • The integer size of the file in bytes.
  • File type

    • The file type, like image, spreadsheet, pdf, document, or others.
  • Folder

    • The file path for the folder this trigger is monitoring. This is the folder set during configuration.
  • Status

    • The status of the trigger. There are three options:

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Why are my SFTP actions and triggers not working?

In some cases, SFTP triggers and actions will fail depending on the encryption algorithms your SFTP server supports. Your SFTP server and Catalytic must support the same encryption algorithms.

For a list of supported algorithms, see Supported SFTP Encryption Algorithms

Why are only some of my files triggering a process?

This trigger will purposefully not respond to files with a .incomplete extension, or without a file extension.

If Catalytic finds a new file with a unique filename over the last minute, we consider that a new file and the automation should start. If another file having that same filename showed up in the pathway in the last minute, the file will not be touched and the automation will not run.

In other words, if two files with the exact same name and extension appear in the directory within 60 seconds, only one automation is triggered.

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