ServiceNow Integration Setup Guide

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ServiceNow offers technical management support through their Now Platform. ServiceNow is used in areas such as IT business management, and operations management, HR, and more.

The ServiceNow configured integration takes advantage of available API support to connect to Catalytic. Once a configured integration is set up, use Web API actions to tap into any ServiceNow APIs and automate work.

Required Setup

Configuring the ServiceNow integration requires your ServiceNow Client ID and Client Secret. Set up will require a ServiceNow login with the correct permissions.

Before setting up the integration, walk through the steps below for How to create the Client ID and Secret.

How to create the Client ID and Secret

  1. Start from your ServiceNow Service Management portal for your company. For example, https://{{CLIENT_NAME}}
  2. Navigate to the System OAuth section, and go to the Application Registry page. You can find this by searching for oauth in the sidebar on the left hand side.

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  3. Select New at the top of the panel that opens up.
  4. Select Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients.
  5. Enter a name in the Name field. and also enter a secret in the Client Secret field or leave it blank if you want it to be set to the admin password.
  6. Write down the Client ID and Secret, as they will be needed when configuring the integration.
  7. Select the Submit button to save the new registration.

Create Integration

The following instructions are for creating an integration for the first time. If you already have a connection, select the integration and select Add a Connection, or see How to create a new connection for an existing integration.

  1. Open the overflow menu in the top navigation bar, and select Admin.
  2. Select Integrations at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the Add an Integration button in the top right corner.
  4. Select the ServiceNow integration then select Add this Connection.
  5. Fill in the details. Enter the Client name, which is the instance name of your ServiceNow account, for example. https://{{CLIENT_NAME}}
  6. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret for your ServiceNow account. For details on finding these, see How to create the Client ID and Secret.
  7. Enter the Username and Password associated with the account you used to create a new application registry in the steps above.
  8. Set the integration permissions if necessary.
  9. Select Connect.

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