Okta Integration Setup Guide

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Okta is a cloud based identity management company. Okta helps companies modernize IT and prevent data breaches with IT, API, and security solutions.

Integrations can only be set up by Admin users and are enabled per team. See our General Integration Information page for an overview of integrations and some recommendations when configuring new integrations.

Required Setup

Setting up the Okta integration requires an account within the Okta organization you wish to integrate with. Some steps require administrator privileges on the Okta organization.

It is recommended to create the Okta integration from an Okta account with proper permissions. If a non-admin account is used for the integration, some actions, like Okta: Delete a user may not work because deletion requires admin permissions.

Create Integration

The following instructions are for creating an integration for the first time. If you already have a connection, select the integration and select Add a Connection, or see How to create a new connection for an existing integration.

  1. Open the overflow menu in the top navigation bar, and select Admin.
  2. Select Integrations at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the Add an Integration button in the top right corner.
  4. Select the Okta integration then select Add this Connection.
  5. Fill in the details. Enter your Okta Domain for your Okta organization. This is the URL for your organization, for example, mycompany.okta.com. The domain is shown on the top right corner of the admin dashboard. See Finding Your Okta Domain from Okta for more information.
  6. Enter your Okta API token. The token鈥檚 permissions will match the user who created, so it is recommended to generate the token from an admin account. See Create an API token from Okta for more information.

    1. Log in to your Okta organization
    2. Click the Admin button
    3. Choose Tokens from the API drop-down menu
    4. Click Create token
    5. Name your token
    6. The unique API token will display. Enter this into the API Token field of your Catalytic Integration.
  7. Set the integration permissions if necessary.
  8. Select Connect.