Import CSV or XLSX data to a table

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You can create additional data tables by uploading spreadsheets. You can upload an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file into a data table and perform automated actions on that data within a Workflow instance.

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Every data table you create or have shared with you is tracked and listed on the data tables screen.

How to import a spreadsheet or CSV file

  1. Identify the spreadsheet, either CSV or Excel, you would like to import.
  2. Open the menu in the top navigation bar, and select Data.
  3. Select , this will open a new screen to upload a file.

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    1. In the new window, upload your CSV or XLSX file.
    2. Select the Header row number. This is the header of a table where the column names are added and is generally the first row.
    3. The table name will default to the name of the file. You can change the table name now or at any time.
    4. Adjust the table permissions. By default, table permissions are enabled and limit access to just the creator. Add any other users who should have access to view or edit the table. You can change data table permissions at any time.
  4. Select

How to add a spreadsheet or CSV to an existing data table

Use this function to add on data from a CSV or XLSX file to the end of a data table. No data will be replaced. All columns unique to an added file are added to the data table; row data will be blank where column names differ.

  1. Select next to the table name and select Add data from file
  2. Select an Excel XLSX or CSV file to upload and determine the row with the data labels
  3. Select

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