Deadlines & Reminders

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Use deadlines and reminders to keep work organized and keep tasks moving. Deadlines set a due date for an assigned task, including automatic reminders if the task becomes overdue.

Automated actions do not need deadlines or reminders since they complete automatically, but the following manual tasks can have deadlines and reminders:

How to set a deadline for a task

If a task supports deadlines, set the deadline when configuring the action.

  1. From the Workflow Builder page, click an action to configure it, then select Deadlines

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  2. Choose and configure one of four deadline options:
    • None: The default for each task; no deadline is set.
    • Field: Choose from a list of available date & time and date fields.
    • Duration: Set the deadline to be a specific number of days, business days, hours, or minutes after the task is ready.
    • Date: Enter a specific date in yyyy-mm-dd format.
  3. Select

💡   Tip: The Business days option for the Duration deadline includes Monday-Friday throughout the year, ignoring holidays. If you enter a delay of 2 business days, and the task was started on a Thursday, the task will activate on Monday.

When automatic reminders are sent

Reminder emails are sent with different intervals depending on if the deadline for a task is less or more than 24 hours away.

  • If the deadline for a task is less than or equal to 24 hours away a single email notification reminder will be sent at the due date.

  • If the deadline is more than 24 hours away, 5 email notifications will be sent at different times. The following example assumes a deadline of 10 days is set.

    Reminder intervals Example days elapsed given 10 day deadline
    At 70% of the total amount of time On the 7th day
    On the deadline On the 10th day
    1 day after the deadline On the 11th day
    2 days after the deadline On the 12th day
    3 day after the deadline On the 13th day

💡   Tip: Reminder emails are not sent when testing a task or process. This is to prevent a recipient unintentionally receiving a reminder email when a process is being tested.

Format for automatic reminder emails

Reminder emails will follow the brand settings configured for the team in the My Team menu. All reminder emails will include the upcoming task or instance name and a link directly to the upcoming task or instance.

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