Web: Web Traffic History

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Use this action to get information about a specific website, including the traffic rank, reach per million, and unique page views.

This action works best for the large sites and is not an exact measurement.

Use case

If data is needed on a specific site, the Web: Web traffic history action can pull relevant information from the past 30 days of web traffic, including the traffic rank, reach per million, and unique page views.

How to configure this action

Fields for this action

  • Website URL

    • The URL to analyze, as text or in {{field-name}} format
  • Output Field Prefix

    • To help keep output fields organized, choose an output field prefix to add to the beginning of each output field name as this action may output more than one field.
    • The step’s name is used as the prefix by default.

What will this output?

This action may generate multiple fields. To help keep output fields organized, the prefix above will be added to the beginning of each of the output field names, separated by two dashes. Each field will result as:{{output-field-prefix--output-field}}. Learn more

Output fields for this action

  • URL

    • The Website URL that was used
  • Global Traffic Rank

    • The site’s ranking in terms of global traffic
  • Reach Per Million

    • Provides a measure of the number of users by estimating how many people visited the site for every one million internet users
  • Unique Page Views

    • Returns the average number of unique pages seen on the site, per user per day
  • Status

    • Returns completed when the Workflow has finished

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