Text: Find keyword matches

Use the Text: Find keyword matches to search a block of text for a keyword and save it to a new field. The action outputs the matched keyword, and a true or false field depending on if the field was found.

How to configure this action

This action is useful to see if any keywords, out of a list, are in a block of text. If a list of keywords is entered, the action will return true even if only one of the keywords is found. The action always returns the first match.

Example of how to search for keywords

Here are examples of how changing the keyword lists changes the result. The table below lists the example keyword list, whether the match was found, and the keyword match returned. The examples use the following text for the Text to search:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
Keyword list Found Keyword match
fox, dog true fox
dog, fox true fox
the, quick, brown true the
dog true dog
horse false  
horse, dog true dog
horse, bear false  

Fields for this action

  • Keyword list

    • Enter the word, phrase, or list to search the Text to search for. The search is an exact match search, and is case-insensitive.
      • For example, the keyword apple matches apple or Apple but not applecart.
  • Output field name

    • Enter a name for the field in which the result should be saved.

What will this output?

The first matched word is saved to a field, and depending on if any match is found, a Found field returns true or false. The action always outputs a single field, even if there are multiple matches.

To help keep output fields organized, the output field name above will be added to the beginning of the Found field, separated by two dashes.

Output fields for this action

  • Output field name

    • The first keyword match
  • Found

    • true or false depending on if a keyword is found.

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