Tables: Protect columns in a table

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Use this action to set whether users can add or remove fields and rows from a table. Restrictions apply to all users, anywhere the table appears, including tasks and forms.

  • Note: This action protects data from users making unintended changes, but does not stop actions from making changes. Actions can still make changes to any table that is protected.
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Use case

The protect table actions and settings are commonly used to turn tables into “data gathering” tools, where people are only adding very specific data into the table.

How to configure this action

Fields for this action

  • Data table

    • Select a table from a list of all tables available on your team. The list only includes tables you have permission to view.
      • You can also reference a table stored in a field. Change the left hand drop-down to Use table via field then select from any field that is part of the process. Learn more.
      • If necessary, you can enter the Table ID directly. Change the left hand drop-down to Use table by ID then enter the ID manually. Learn more.
  • Prevent changing values in the column(s)

    • Input column names as a comma-delimited list in any order. Not all columns for the table need to be included — only the columns for which you will change protections. Enclose the value in quotation marks if it contains special characters such as commas, leading and/or trailing whitespace, and newlines. If the value contains double quotation marks, they must be escaped with quotation marks.

    -Leave blank to change the protections of all columns in the data table.

    • If true, users will not be allowed to edit column configurations of columns in this table. This prevents changes like altering a column’s type, or updating its validation or default value. If false, users can still edit column configurations.

What will this output?

This action has no output fields. If the action completes, it will report that “The protections of the table were updated” and include the name of the table, and columns updated.

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