SAP SuccessFactors Integration Setup Guide

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SAP SuccessFactors is a supplier of cloud-based human capital management HCM software for HR and talent management.

Integrations can only be set up by Admin users and are enabled per team. See our General Integration Information page for an overview of integrations and some recommendations when configuring new integrations.

Required Setup

Configuring with SAP SuccessFactors requires admin specific information accessible from the SuccessFactors admin center site.

To set up the SAP SuccessFactors integration, first register the OAuth2 Client within SuccessFactors, then create the integration in Catalytic. You must have admin access for your SuccessFactors account to login and manage your OAuth2 Client Appliations.

Instructions for how to Register the OAuth2 Client

From within your SAP SuccessFactors account, go to the Admin Center

  1. Select Company Settings
  2. Select Manage OAuth2 Client Applications
  3. Select Register Client Application

    1. Enter an Application Name: Give it an arbitrary but meaningful name, such as CatalyticIntegration.
    2. Provide a description: Such as “Catalytic OAuth integration client”
    3. Enter an Application URL: enter
  4. Click on Generate X.509 Certificate button
  5. Enter Oauth as the Common Name(CN)
  6. Leave the rest of the fields empty
  7. Select Generate, then download a copy of the X.509 certificate onto your computer.
  8. Open the certificate file using notepad or any text editor. You will need 2 parts from the X.509 certificate: the private key and the certificate.

    1. Copy the characters between —–BEGIN ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY—– and —–END ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY—–
  9. Return back to the Manage OAuth2 Client Applications window and paste the characters between —–BEGIN ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY—– and —–END ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY—– into the X.509 Certificate field.
  10. Click Register.
  11. Go into the OAuth application now and take note of the API key. This will be used when setting up the Catalytic integration.

Create Integration

The following instructions are for creating an integration for the first time. If you already have a connection, select the integration and select Add a Connection, or see How to create a new connection for an existing integration.

💡   Tip: When creating this integration, the user and company ID fields are case sensitive.

  1. Open the overflow menu in the top navigation bar, and select Admin.
  2. Select Integrations at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the Add an Integration button in the top right corner.
  4. Select the SAP SuccessFactors integration then select Add this Connection.
  5. Fill in the details. Enter the Base API URL for your SAP SuccessFactors account. For example, if you access SAP SuccessFactors at your Base API URL would be
  6. Enter the Client ID associated with your SAP SuccessFactors OAuth App. This can typically be found when configuring the OAuth app in SuccessFactors. Your company ID is listed here as well.
  7. Enter the Private Key associated with your SAP SuccessFactors OAuth App. This is the API key from registering the OAuth2 Client above. If you do not have a Private Key, follow the Instructions for how to Register the OAuth2 Client above.
  8. Enter your SAP SuccessFactors user ID and company ID.
  9. Set the integration permissions if necessary.
  10. Select Connect.

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