Catalytic: Deactivate a User

Use this action to update the status of a user to inactive.

Use case

The Catalytic: Deactivate a User action can be used as part of an off-boarding process to deactivate users that no longer work at the company.

How to configure this action

The action configuration can only be performed by admins. Only admins will be able to start an instance of a Workflow that contains this action.

Fields for this action

  • User name

    • The name or email of the user to deactivate, as text or in {{field-name}} format
  • Output field name

    • Enter a name for the field in which the result should be saved.

What will this output?

The output of the action will deactivate the user. The action will also return an output field with the status of the action. The name of the output field will be the Output status field name defined during configuration.

Output fields for this action

  • Output field name

    • This field will return the status of the result. The status will either be:
      • Deactivated: If the user was successfully deactivated
      • or if the username was not found, a fix task is assigned.

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