Math: Calculate cosine in radians

This action is in beta and the function or availability may change unexpectedly.

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Use this action to calculate the cosine of a trigonometric ratio in radians. For example, cos(.5) = 0.877582561890373.

To learn more, consider starting at the Trigonometric functions Wikipedia article.

  • Note: This action only accepts and outputs to radians. To convert degrees to radians before using this action, use the Degrees to radians action

How to configure this action

When configuring this action, reference a Integer or decimal field in the Value field configuration. How do I reference a field?

For more advanced math, use Javascript with the Field: Field Formulas action.

Fields for this action

  • Value

    • The integer or decimal to perform the operation on.
  • Output field prefix

    • To help keep output fields organized, choose an output field prefix to add to the beginning of each output field name as this action may output more than one field.

What will this output?

This action outputs to radians. To convert radians to degrees, use the Radians to degrees action

This action may generate multiple fields. To help keep output fields organized, the prefix above will be added to the beginning of each of the output field names, separated by two dashes. Each field will result as:{{output-field-prefix--output-field}}.

Output fields for this action

  • Result

    • The result of the operation. This action outputs in radians. The output is a decimal type field.
    • For example, For example, cos(.5) = 0.877582561890373 radians.

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