Excel: Populate template

Use this action to generate an XLSX or CSV file that can include field data. This action can take an initial file and create a new file with new information added in for each instance.

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Use Case

  • To create a new file with data collected during a Workflow instance.
  • To update a monthly financial report.
  • To update any standardized Excel template with new data collected regularly (i.e. updating a monthly financial report)

How to configure this action

This action works by replacing {{field-names}} references in a template XLSX file with field values to create a new file.

If field references are used in the spreadsheet or CSV file but no information is input to the optional field, the field reference will not show in the new spreadsheet and the cell will be blank.

Fields for this action

  • Spreadsheet file

    • This is the Excel file you want to update. Use a reference to a file uploaded in a prior task or instance.
    • Supports .XLSX, .XLS, .XLSM, and .CSV files.
  • Keep unmatched fields

    If you reference a field, but no matching field exists, you can choose whether the reference is removed in the output file.

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    For example, if you reference {{quantity}} but no quantity field exists, you have the option to keep the {{quantity}} reference in the output file.
    • Enter True for any unmatched fields in the initial file to be retained
    • Enter False or leave blank for any unmatched fields to be removed
  • Output field name

    • The name of the field in which the result should be saved.

What will this output?

This action outputs a new Excel file based on the initial spreadsheet and field data. The name of the output field for this action will be the Output field name defined during configuration.

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