Coupa: Look up a user

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Use this action to search for and return information about a user in Coupa.

Use case

  • Automatically filter and find user information in Coupa
  • Automatically assign tasks to a Coupa user

How to configure this action

This action requires a preconfigured Coupa integration. For more information on integrating Catalytic with other systems, please refer to the Integrations section of our help center.

This action also has configuration fields that require a specific Coupa look up operator. The look up operator is based on Coupa API Operators. The look up operators are terms like contains, starts_with, or ends_with.

For example, you can enter a user email address in the email field, and also enter look up operator in the email look up operator field. For all configuration fields with a matching look up operator like the in the example above,

  • To find an exact match, leave blank

  • To perform an advanced search, enter one of the Coupa look up operators

Supported Coupa Operators

Operator Operator Meaning or Notes
<none/no operator> Exact match/equality, same as the previous behavior
contains Does not work with date fields
starts_with Does not work with date fields
ends_with Does not work with date fields
gt Greater than
lt Less than
gt_or_eq Greater than or equal to
lt_or_eq less than or equal to
not_eq not equal to
in within list of values

Fields for this action

  • Integration

    • Select your team’s integration from the list
  • ID

    • The unique identifier of the user
  • Output field name

    • The name of the text field in which the result should be saved
  • Email

    • The email address of the user
  • Account group

    • Enter the name of the group on the user’s account
  • Approval group

    • Enter the name of the group for the user’s approval
  • Approval limit

    • Use a requisition approval limit amount to filter results by approval limit
  • Contract approval limit

    • Use a contract approval limit amount to filter results by approval limit
  • Contracts user

    • Select True or False from the drop down to set if only contract users are included.
    • Select True so results are filtered to only include users with a Contracts License
    • Select False or leave blank to include all users.
  • Full name

    • Full name of the user
  • First name

    • First name of the user
  • Last name

    • Last name of the user
  • Login

    • Login name of the user
  • Mention name

    • Mention name of the user
  • Mobile phone number

    • Mobile phone number of the user
  • Work phone number

    • Work phone number of the user
  • Salesforce ID

    • The Salesforce ID of the user
  • SSO identifier

    • The SSO identifier of the user
  • Look up field name 1 (2, 3)

    • Search this field to find the first matching record
    • Coupa API field name
  • Look up field value 1 (2, 3)

    • Search for the first record with this value in the look up field

What will this output?

All fields return Java Script Object Notation (JSON) as Catalytic field types:

JSON Data Type Catalytic field type
Number Number
String String
Boolean True of false
Array Data table
Object flattened strings
null string

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