Add User

New users can be added by a teams members or admins. All team members are able to add new team members, but only admins are able to add other admins.

Other than being invited, a user can request an invite to a team at the team鈥檚 login screen.

鈿狅笍 Heads-up: If your team has SSO enabled, the invite and sign up process is slightly different. See Inviting users with SSO enabled

Invite and add a new team member

  1. Open the menu in the top navigation bar, and select Team.
  2. On the My Team page, select at the top of the page.
  3. Complete the fields to invite a new user
    • Permissions: A user can be a team member or an admin. Team member will be the only option unless you are an admin.
    • Email Address: Enter an email for the new team member
    • Invite Message: Optionally, add a note to the new team member with their invite email.
  4. Select

馃挕Tip: The invited user will receive an e-mail from your Catalytic team with a button to join and create an account.

Invite a user in an action

Use the Email: Invite a user action to invite and add a new user to your Catalytic team from a Workflow.

All new users will enter the team as Team Members. Use the My team section if they should have Admin access. The invitation link will expire after 3 days.

Inviting users with SSO enabled

If your team has SSO enabled, you can still invite users through the My Team page, or through the Create user and Invite a user action.

When the user accepts the invite and begins the account creation process, they first authenticate with their SSO provider, then create their Catalytic account鈥攁nd since they are authenticated, no password is required during account creation.

Add a user directly to the team

Use the Workflow: Create a user action to add a new user to a Catalytic team without sending an invite.

This action is helpful to automatically add a user to a team. For example, an employee on-boarding process can add the user without an invite, with preconfigured settings and notification preferences.

鈿狅笍 Heads-up: Only admins can use this action, or start an instance of a Workflow that contains this action.