5 Minute Tutorials

Check out these speedy video tutorials to learn how to build common automation patterns. If you’re new to building, first check out the Automate and Build a Workflow guide!

Set up a web form trigger

This video introduces web form triggers. You’ll learn how to add a web form trigger, how to configure the appearance of the form like the questions and instructions, and how to add a follow up task based on the web form.

Send a webform to a list of users

This video introduces subprocesses, and how to use an Excel spreadsheet in your automation. You’ll see how repeated tasks like sending a batch of emails can be quickly automated with actions like Excel: Start process for each row. This video is a great introduction to working with subprocesses and XLSX spreadsheets.

Builder Introduction

This video introduces basic Builder concepts. The video covers adding and configuring tasks and actions, using field references, gathering inputs like files or choices, working with outputs and output field prefixes, and testing instances.