View your process as a flowchart

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Catalytic has a flowchart view to help visualize the flow of your process. It is color-coded to make it easy to follow steps and dependency relationships. The flowchart view is accessible from the Builder screen of any Workflow.

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How to open the flowchart view

To access the flowchart, open the Workflow Builder page for the Workflow you wish to see as a flowchart.

  1. From the Workflow Builder page, select in the top right and select Settings.
  2. Select next to the Workflow’s name, then select Flowchart.
  3. The flowchart view will open in a new tab.
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Using the flowchart view

Drag and rearrange tasks to get a better view of the relationships between actions. You can also toggle showing conditions on each task—select the in the top right, then select Toggle conditions.

✅   Heads-up: Rearranging the tasks does not change the dependencies or conditions, it is only illustrative.

The flowchart view is color-coded. Here is a legend of the colors and symbols used.

For a quick reference of the colors, select the in the top right, then select Help.

Get help with a problem or question

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I get a “Hmm, something went wrong. If needed, please try again.” error when opening the flowchart

The flowchart view can only display valid processes, with logical dependencies, and no recursions.

This error is most common when the Workflow: Reopen tasks and reset dependent tasks action is used. Check the dependencies and conditions of the action to make sure it is not a dependent on one of the tasks being reopened, as it would then create a recursion. A common issue is an incorrectly set task name. See the configuration information for the task name field.

Additionally, check to make sure tasks are not dependent on one another, and that tasks are correctly configured with output field names and the required fields populated.

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